GW Topology Seminar

I organised the Greater (George) Washington Topology Seminar for the year 2020-2021. The passcode to view the recordings of the talks is gwts@725.

SpeakerDateTitle of the TalkRecording
Louis H. Kauffman2nd October, 2020Trivalent Graphs and Virtual LinksLink
Charles Frohman9th October, 2020Coordinatizing isotopy classes of webs in surfacesLink
Thang T. Q. Lê16th October, 2020Quantum trace map for SLn skein algebras of surfacesLink
Pierrick Bousseau23rd October, 2020The skein algebra of the 4-punctured sphere from curve countingLink | Slides
Micah Chrisman30th October, 2020The virtual knot concordance group is not abelianLink
Alex Chandler6th November, 2020Torsion in Thin Regions of Khovanov HomologyLink
Boštjan Gabrovšek13th November, 2020Bonded knotsLink
Razvan Gelca20th November, 2020Searching for Patterns in Skein ModulesLink
Helen Wong11th December, 2020The Roger-Yang Skein Algebra for Punctured SurfacesLink
Mikhail Khovanov 5th February, 2021Introduction to the Universal ConstructionLink
Maciej Mroczkowski5th March, 2021Knots with cyclotomic Jones polynomialsLink
Victoria Lebed12th March, 2021Unexpected applications of homotopical algebra to knot theoryLink
Dirk Schütz26th March, 2021A Scanning Algorithm for Odd Khovanov HomologyLink
Peter Samuelson2nd April, 2021The Kauffman skein algebra of the torusLink
Krzysztof Putyra9th April, 2021Unifying colored sl(2) link homologyLink | Slides
Michał Jabłonowski16th April, 2021Triple-crossing diagrams of knotsLink
Nathan Geer 23rd April, 2021Re-normalized Quantum Link Invariants
Joseph Boninger30th April, 2021A Quantum invariant of Links in the Thickened Torus with Volume Conjecture BehaviorLink
William Goldman7th May, 2021Dynamics on character varieties and geometric structuresLink | Slides
Wade Bloomquist14th May, 2021Stated Skein Modules of Marked 3-ManifoldsLink | Slides